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The buffer overflow assault is a sort of utility-layer assault. 9. Stateful inspection firewalls ahead next packets (next packets) especially primarily based totally on _______? A. Route desk B. MAC cope with desk C. Session desk D. FIB desk 10 Which of the subsequent Layer-three VPN is extra stable? ( ) A. GRE B. PPTP C. IPSec D. L2F eleven Which of the subsequent statements approximately ARP spoofing assaults is wrong? ( ) A. The ARP mechanism assessments handiest everyday packet interactions. B. ARP spoofing assaults are carried out handiest thru ARP replies. C. When a bunch sends a everyday ARP request, an attacker responds earlier than the server responds, inflicting the host to set up an wrong mapping among the IP and MAC addresses. D. ARP static binding may be used to protect in opposition to ARP spoofing assaults, and it's HCIA-Security V4.0 miles used especially on small-scale networks. 12 ACL 2009 is ( ) A. A primary ACL B. An superior ACL C. A MAC-primarily based totally ACL D. A time-primarily based totally ACL thirteen Which of the subsequent IP cope with stages is the only described in the guideline of thumb allow ip supply. Which of the subsequent algorithms makes use of the equal key for encryption and decryption? ( ) A. DES B. RSA (1024) C. MD5 D. SHA-1 15. In GRE VPN, which of the subsequent protocols is an encapsulation protocol? ( ) A. GRE B. IPX C. IP D. NetBEUI 16. Which of the subsequent modes is an IKE mode withinside the 2d segment? ( ) A. Main mode B. Aggressive mode

C. Quick mode D. Passive mode 17 Which one of the following protocols is a multi-channel protocol?( ) A. FTP B. Telnet C. D. SMTP 18.What functions does the NAT generation have? ( ) A. NAT hides non-public IP addresses and improves community safety. B. NAT does now no longer help NAPT for non-public IP addresses. C. The IP cope with translation is obvious for each non-public and public community customers. Users can't percept the interpretation system. D. If bidirectional NAT is configured, outside customers can get right of entry to the assets at the non-public community with none restriction. 19. What does AAA suggest?( )(Select three Answers ) A. Authentication B. Authorization C. Accounting D. Audit 20. Which of the subsequent algorithms are encryption algorithms? ( )(Select 2 Answers ) A. DES B. 3DES C. SHA-1 D. MD5 21. Which of following statements approximately IDS are accurate?( ) (Select three Answers ) A. The IDS dynamically collects a massive extent of key statistics and analyzes and identifies the popularity of the whole device. B. The IDS can block detected coverage breaches and assaults. re supported with the aid of using the Policy Center device? ( )(Select three Answers ) A. Web, become aware of authentication B.

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WebAgent, become aware of authentication and a part of safety authentication C. Agent, become aware of authentication and safety authentication D. Network get right of entry to with out Huawei H12-711_V4.0 Exam Dumps authentication 23. To allow personnel on a commercial enterprise journey to get right of entry to the intranet document server, which of the subsequent SSL VPN features is the most desirable answer?( ) A. Web proxy B. File sharing C. Port forwarding D. Network extension 24. Which of the subsequent protocols are utilized by SSL? ( A. Handshake protocol B. Record protocol C. Alert protocol D. Heartbeat protocol ) (Select three Answers) 25. Which of the subsequent headers carries a VLAN tag? ( ) A. Ethernet Frame B. IP header C. TCP header D. UDP header 1.Which of the subsequent isn't always a primary characteristic of the statistics safety device?(unmarried preference ) A: Commonality B: Controllability C: Non-repudiation D: Integrity 2.Which of the subsequent statements are actual approximately the features of the "permit l2tp digital-template zero faraway patron" command in L2TP configuration?(more than one preference) A: This command specifies the digital interface template to be used. B: This command specifies the peer tunnel call. C: This command specifies the neighborhood tunnel call. D: You do now no longer want to specify the tunnel call in sure cases. three.

(unmarried preference) A: Preparation segment B: Detection segment C: Response segment D: Recovery segment 4.Which of the subsequent statements are actual approximately the signature in certificates content material?(more than one preference) A: It suggests the encryption end result of the general public key. B: It suggests the encryption end result of the certificates statistics. C: It is generated with the aid of using encrypting the non-public key of the certificates issuer. D: It is generated with the aid of using encrypting the non-public key of the general public key owner. five.Which of the subsequent statements are fake approximately the IPsec VPN key technology mode?( more than one preference) A: The key may be manually configured. B: The key may be generated the use of IKE. C: The key generated the use of IKE may be periodically modified.

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D: The key generated all through IKE negotiation can't be used to authenticate identification statistics. 6.Which of the subsequent is an evaluation layer tool withinside the Huawei SDSec answer? Huawei H12-711_V4.0 Dumps(unmarried preference) A: CIS B: Agile Controller C: Switch D: Firehunter 7.Which of the subsequent isn't always a country of the Huawei Redundancy Protocol (HRP) heartbeat interface?(unmarried preference) A: Invalid B: Ready C: strolling D: complete 8.When a cyber safety trouble occurs, the severity of the difficulty need to be decided first and at once reported.(unmarried preference) A: True B: False 9.Which of the subsequent strategies may be utilized by an administrator to log in to Huawei routers for the primary time?(unmarried preference) A: SSH B: Telnet C: Web D: Console 10.In the ARP cope with decision system, ARP-Reply packets are despatched in broadcast mode. All hosts at the equal Layer 2 community can get hold of those packets and examine the mapping among IP and MAC addresses from them.(unmarried preference) A: True B: False eleven.

When intranet customers get right of entry to the Internet, you may configure a supply NAT coverage withinside the smooth-ip layout.(unmarried preference) A: True B: False 12.Which of the subsequent password settings is the maximum stable?(unmarried preference) A: Digits handiest B: Letters handiest C: Digits+letters D: Digits+letters+unique characters thirteen.Which of the subsequent isn't always a threat identity segment in threat evaluation of ISO 27001? C. The IDS device is made from all software program and hardware structures for intrusion detection. D. The IDS device can feature with firewalls and switches to higher manipulate outside get right of entry to. 22. Which of the subsequent consumer get right of entry to and authentication strategies a Checking the device strolling popularity, accumulating device fault statistics, and detecting statistics safety incidents are all movements in cyber safety emergency reaction. Which of the subsequent stages do those movements belong to?

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